Oregon’s future is at stake

This week, our fight for Oregon families got scary. The Legislature announced their budget — and the cuts are devastating. Oregonians of every age in every corner of the state will feel the effects of these cuts for years to come.

It’s clear the future of Oregon is at stake. Here’s what we face:

  • 350,000 low-income Oregonians lose their health care.
  • The budget cuts up to 3000 educators — making our too-large class sizes even bigger
  • Thousands of Oregon seniors lose basic in home care, risking their health and independence.
  • The budget even cuts a program called Babies First, which gives high risk infants badly needed care to keep them safe early in life

These cuts are the price we all pay because Oregon has the lowest corporate taxes in the country. And these cuts are the result of a choice that big business had made in our state — they refuse to even discuss paying their fair share. While they dodge responsibility, families suffer.

Enough is enough. We cannot and should not let these cuts stand.

There’s still time to turn the tide of disinvestment. Business may have millions to spend, but we have thousands of educators, parents, students, nurses, and advocates who care deeply about the future of Oregon — and we need to mobilize. We need your help now to call on the business community to pay their fair share in taxes. We need your help to push Legislators to choose families, schools and services over corporate lobbyists. We need your help to say we need investments, not just the status quo. And we need your help to say, “We can’t wait another day!”

Call your legislator, email them, and then sign up to volunteer, and let’s make this the last Tax Day that big and out-of-state corporations get out of paying their fair share.

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