Tell Your Legislator: We Can’t Afford Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

For too long, Oregon’s economy has been stacked against working families. Oregon families have had to bear the burden of decades of cuts to schools, critical services, and infrastructure, while big corporations and the top 1% rake in record profits and line their pockets with tax breaks.

We know that A Better Oregon — one where all Oregonians can thrive — requires significant investments, not simply maintaining the status quo. And with a $1.4 billion shortfall ahead of us, it’s clear that we can no longer afford to give the wealthiest tax break after tax break. Hardworking families and small businesses pay their fair share: It’s time for big corporations and the wealthy to do the same.

The A Better Oregon coalition is fighting back against the unfair status quo, and we need you to stand with us. Send a message to Senate leadership right now and let them know that we can’t afford tax breaks for the wealthiest while families continue to struggle.