We’re just getting started

This session was a game-changer: From the thousands that rallied on the Capitol steps to the hundreds of businesses that advocated for revenue reform to the crowds of Oregonians across the state that flooded town halls. Together, we built something truly incredible — a coalition fighting for real revenue that is broader, more diverse, and stronger than ever before.

The work we did this session has united an unlikely chorus of voices from every corner of Oregon: business owners, school board members, editorial boards, parents, teachers, nurses, advocacy groups, and students. There has never been more widespread agreement that we must make game-changing investments in Oregon families.

That’s a huge victory, and it’s one that this historic coalition will carry forward with us as we continue the fight for strong schools and services. Unfortunately, we didn’t make history by making corporations pay this session. But we’re not going away and we’re not giving up. Our coalition just filed three new ballot measures to bring to voters in 2018 because Oregonians can’t afford to wait for real investment. Stay tuned.

While we prepare for the ballot, there’s still important work to be done this session. We are committed to improving the lives of Oregonians across the state, and we need your help pushing for policies that will do just that. With three weeks left in session, there are important bills on the line that would make Oregon a healthier, more equitable state:

  • Cover All Kids (SB 558, HB 2726): Provide health insurance to Oregon’s 18,000 uninsured kids. These children are overwhelmingly children of color and are growing up in families that struggle to afford the basics. Health coverage is an important solution to help these kids do better in school, get a high school diploma and earn a higher income later in life.
  • End Profiling (HB 2355): End the harmful practice of police profiling by creating the right tools to adequately track profiling, the oversight to stop it when it occurs, and the training to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Stable Homes (HB 2004): Protect the four in 10 Oregonians who rent their homes from being evicted without a reason and without recourse or legal protections. Last year Oregon had a record number of children experiencing homelessness. This bill will help ensure families don’t end up on the streets.
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave (HB 3087): Ensure that we can all take time off from work to recover from illness, to care for a new baby or be there for a seriously ill family member in need—without losing our jobs or sacrificing much-needed income.
  • Reproductive Health Equity (HB 3391): Empower all Oregonians, regardless of income, citizenship status, gender identity, or type of insurance, to make their own decisions about whether and when to have children.

Please, contact your Legislator today to support these important programs. Together, we must keep working to create an Oregon where all families can thrive.

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