The Legislative Session is Over: Here’s What’s Next

When this legislative session began, we knew that the fight for revenue would be an uphill battle. Together, we took a stand against big business obstructionism and fought for better funding for our schools and services. But after years of promising to come to the table on revenue reform, the business community again showed its true colors: Big business lobbyists and the corporations they represent care more about protecting their low corporate taxes than paying their fair share for schools, health care, and services.

We didn’t win game-changing revenue this session, but we did build something special and enduring. From the thousands of supporters that rallied on the steps of the Capitol to the hundreds of volunteers who worked day in and day out to build a better Oregon, we united a chorus of voices from every corner of Oregon that can’t be ignored. Together, we contacted legislators more than 6,500 times — and that’s the kind of momentum that can’t be stopped.

We should celebrate the important progress we did make this session: We pushed back against Trump’s attacks on health care by passing the Oregon Healthcare Protections bill, which safeguards coverage for 350,000 low-income Oregonians and reduces premiums for nearly 220,000. We passed one of the most comprehensive expansions of reproductive rights anywhere in the country and extended health care access to all children. We added fair-scheduling and pay equity protections for working Oregonians, and we passed good policies to track and end profiling by law enforcement.

With a session of victories behind us, our movement is stronger than ever — and we’re counting on supporters like you to help us continue the fight. Over the last few months, we showed the nation that Oregon isn’t just resisting the Trump agenda, it’s creating the real progress working families need. That means protecting and investing in the services that Oregonians need — from affordable healthcare to strong schools to accessible child care.

We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for the next steps in our fight for A Better Oregon. With supporters like you, we know we can win.

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