Cuts to children’s services on the horizon as millionaires rake in tax breaks

Thanks to corporate obstructionism in Salem, Oregon legislators are now considering deep cuts to safety net programs that kids in poverty rely on. It’s unconscionable.

Here’s what’s at stake: More than 1,800 children under the care of a low-income relative are at risk of losing access to food and housing assistance that keeps them healthy and safe. This would be devastating, forcing many into the child welfare system and leaving Oregon with the most punishing policy in the country for needy kids.

That’s not all.

  • More than 1,200 seniors and adults with physical disabilities could lose the care they need to remain healthy and independent.
  • Childcare assistance for more than 1,000 low-income families could be slashed.
  • Nurse home visiting programs for at-risk children, mothers and families with children who have disabilities will face cuts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. While corporations blocked game-changing revenue this session to protect their low corporate taxes, the Oregon Senate is expected to vote this week on whether to fix the broken “Schedule E” tax break that mostly gives needless tax breaks to Oregon’s top 1%. This runaway, Trump-style tax break costs the state hundreds of millions of each year — while Oregon families struggle just to get by.

Oregon children should not go hungry so that millionaires can get a tax break. The choice is clear: Tell Oregon senate leadership to vote yes on HB 2060 so we can fund programs that keep the most vulnerable Oregonians healthy and safe.

Together, we can keep fighting for an Oregon that works for everyone.

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