The values that will help us build a better Oregon


Now more than ever, we need to stand together and keep fighting for a better Oregon. That is why today, the A Better Oregon coalition came together to announce our plans moving forward.

With 300 organizations representing 500,000 Oregonians on our team, the A Better Oregon coalition has the strength and momentum needed to carry our fight to the legislature in 2017 — we are closer than ever before to building an Oregon that works for families, and not just corporations. Together, we can hold big corporations accountable, and we can make the investments that will improve the lives of Oregonians.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing the next steps that will ensure all Oregonians have access to quality healthcare, strong schools, affordable in-home care, and the critical services that are key to working families.

Our coalition will be proposing a budget for A Better Oregon that follows these key principles:

  1. We refuse to accept service cuts when Oregon has the lowest corporate taxes in the country.
  2. We need investments, not the status quo, and those investments should be found by making large and out-of-state corporations, not families or small businesses, pay their fair share in taxes.
  3. We need an honest debate, which means we need a transparent corporate tax system that tells us who pays and how much, so we can better understand how to increase corporate taxes without damaging Oregon’s economy.

These are the values that will guide our work in Salem and help us build A Better Oregon.

We need you to stand with us every step of the way. Please join us in the next phase of this incredibly important work.

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