Tell The Legislature: Stop the Tuition Crisis in Oregon

The higher education tuition crisis in Oregon just got even more serious. Earlier this month, it seemed like things might be getting better: A state higher education board rejected tuition increases at two of Oregon’s most prominent universities, finally offering families the hope of relief from rapidly rising tuition costs.

That hope is gone now. Massive tuition increases just got approved at University of Oregon and Portland State University, putting college further out of reach for thousands of students. The reason? Oregon’s legislature hasn’t come through with funding for higher education.

Both schools have pledged to roll back the tuition increases if the legislature takes action on revenue and finally funds our schools — but we’re still waiting. Every day that the legislature delays, more and more kids lose the opportunity to pursue their education.

Enough is enough. Oregon has already waited for action for too long — we can’t wait any longer. Sign the petition to show Oregon leaders that we need action NOW.