Support the Oregon Education Investment Initiative

Every day, teachers make an investment in the next generation — they inspire our kids, support them, and teach them the building blocks of learning. But because Oregon ranks dead last in corporate taxes, our teachers and schools are getting sold short. That’s why this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re calling on our Oregon leaders to do the right thing and invest in education.

For decades, Oregon schools have been forced to bear the burden of devastating budget cuts. Today, the results are clear: We have some of the largest class sizes in the nation, one of the shortest school years, and every year, more programs end up on the chopping block.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Last week, Oregon House leadership proposed the budget plan we’ve all been waiting for. The Oregon Education Investment Initiative is the first proposal this Legislative session that prioritizes students and families while making big corporations pay their fair share. It’s our chance to finally turn the tide of decades of disinvestment and ensure every Oregon student can get a quality education. But we need your help: Tell your legislator to stand with Speaker Kotek and Chairs Barnhart and Nathanson and support the Oregon Education Investment Initiative.