Tell Your Legislator: Invest in Oregon Families

Thanks for making your predictions in the Oregon Budget Madness bracket. Now email your legislator to let them know where you think investments are needed.

We believe everyone can and should succeed in Oregon’s economy, but right now, too few Oregonians are thriving and meeting their potential. Our economy does not work for most families simply because we do not have the revenue needed to support Oregon schools, critical services, and infrastructure. For more than a generation, Oregon has made cuts to schools and services, limiting the opportunity of ordinary Oregonians and undermining our future — just to make budgets balance — and now, we are facing a $1.7 billion shortfall and looming cuts to critical services.

We know that A Better Oregon — one where all Oregonians can thrive — requires significant investments, not simply maintaining the status quo. And with a $1.7 billion shortfall ahead of us, it’s clear that we can no longer afford to rank dead last in corporate taxes. Now more than ever, it’s time to ask big corporations to invest in Oregon. As we change Oregon’s tax policy, advocates and elected leaders need increased access to good information about the taxes corporations pay.

The A Better Oregon coalition is committed to pushing for game-changing investments in Oregon families — and we need you to join us as we move forward.

Send a message to your legislators right now, and let them know that we need to invest in Oregon families now, and we can no longer afford to rank 50th in the nation in corporate taxes.