March Budget Madness

Figuring out how to fund schools and critical services in Oregon is no game. But because corporations pay the lowest taxes in the country, every budget cycle Oregon legislators are forced to pick winners and losers. Keep art and PE in the schools or reduce funding for mental health services? Fund career technical education or increase college tuition 10 percent? Kick 350,000 Oregonians of the Oregon Health Plan or slash childcare options?

These are tough choices, and the odds are almost never in Oregon families’ favor. So this year, we’ve created our own Oregon Budget Madness bracket. We hope you’ll follow along.

Our tournament works a lot like the real one: Picking the Cinderella team you want to win over the tried-and-true favorite isn’t your best best. Sure, most folks don’t think top-seeded tax breaks for big corporations should beat fan-favorite funding for affordable housing, but that’s exactly what history suggests will happen.

Make your predictions below!

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